Best Restaurant Deals in SLO

Join 10k+ & get free food & drinks through exclusive deals at 45+ restaurants in San Luis Obispo, ONLY with the SLOeats app!

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Discover the best restaurant deals, exclusively through the SLOeats app

What is SLOeats?

NOT a delivery app.

NOT a single-use coupon app.

SLOeats is the first restaurant membership app. Use the app to redeem restaurant deals that are exclusive only to SLOeats members. You can redeem EACH deal, EVERY SINGLE DAY! (For dine in or takeout only)


Example: Go to Breakfast Buzz with the SLOeats app and redeem a "Buy 1 Breakfast Burrito, Get 1 Free" deal. You just saved ~$14 in free restaurant food! Plus, you can redeem this deal the next day, and the next, and so on!

How It Works

Get free food through the best restaurant deals in San Luis Obispo with the SLOeats app. Redeem each deal, every day!

Partner Restaurants

These restaurants in SLO offer the best deals exclusively through the SLOeats app (BOGO burritos, salads, noodles, burgers, pizza, wraps, sandwiches, sushi, coffee, tea, & much more!)

SLOeats Map

Thai Delight

Breakfast Buzz

The Healthy Crave

Mee Heng Low

Libertine Brewery

Libertine Coffee Bar

Bravo Pizza


Gus's Grocery

Brooks Burgers

Beda's Biergarten

Kitchen & Vine

Todo Bueno

Fruit Paradise

Shin's Sushi

MG Supplements

Deltina Coffee

Sugar Lips Donuts

J&L Hawaiian BBQ

Bar Peixes

Round Table

Nano's Coffee

The Switch

Woodstock's Pizza



Poke Chef

Wetzel's Pretzels

201 Kitchen SLO

BlackHorse Coffee

Bread Bike Bakery

Linnaea's Cafe

Gino's Pizza

Zen Dog

The Perfect Scoop

My Thai

Buffalo Pub & Grill

Quesadilla Gorilla

Charlie's Place

Sequoia Sandwiches

Todo Bueno

Moe's Mediterranean

BA Start Arcade Bar

Lalito's Mexican

Laguna Grill

El Pollo Loco

How Much Is It?

Join 10k+ with the SLOeats app! Download for free & check out the app. To redeem "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" deals with every meal, purchase the Pro Pass membership for only $9/month.

If you eat out at least 1x per month it's worth it! It only takes one deal to redeem the value of your membership! Plus, take a look at your potential savings with the SLOeats app:


🐟 Rare (Dine out 1x per week): +$64 monthly savings

🍣 Medium (Dine out 3x per week): +$192 monthly savings

🍱 Well Done (Dine Out 5x per week): +$320 monthly savings

*calculations are based on $16 in savings/deal

Meet The Founders

SLOeats CEO, Co-Founder of the SLOeats app, which offers the best restaurant deals in San Luis Obispo

Jonathan Allen

CEO, Co-Founder
SLOeats CTO, Co-Founder of the SLOeats app, which offers the best restaurant deals in San Luis Obispo

Alex Kavanaugh

CTO, Co-Founder

Why we're building SLOeats

We're Cal Poly grads in Architecture and Software Engineering and fortunate enough to be SLO residents for more than a decade! After graduation we've spent our time building separate software companies, but in the same office complex.


This lead to many lunches together, starting with the question, "Where should we eat?". Which was shortly followed by, "Well, who has a deal going on?". The problem was we didn't have a way of knowing the best restaurant deals in San Luis Obispo, or for that matter, who even offered a deal.


After digging into the restaurant business a little further, we discovered how expensive marketing was for restaurants and the high (30%) commission prices the restaurants had to pay to food delivery apps. This meant SLOeats would benefit the restaurants' dine-in business with more customers and more money kept in the restaurants' pocket, while allowing the customer to simultaneously save money through exclusive deals.


We love San Luis Obispo and our mission is to only make this community better by bringing more awareness, foot traffic, and ROI to restaurants and more savings and discovery to customers.


A little about us...

If you're a tourist, you'll know us by how we over excitedly share about all the great things you HAVE to do while you're here. And if you're our colleague, then you'll know how passionate we are about building a business for the customer and the goal of making SLO an even better place.


And if you don't know us at all, then it's great to meet you! You can find us working out at The Pad or the Rec (best alumni perk), pickleball at French Park, throwing dinner parties, snagging kettle corn from Farmer's Market, continuing to find new places to explore, and eating at many of the best restaurants in San Luis Obispo! If you see us, please stop and say hi!


Short Answer:
Show love to the SLO community and increase usage.

Long Answer:
SLOeats launched January 5, 2023 and for 4 months the Pro Pass used to be $9/month. We learned that 98% of our customers don’t cancel if they redeem just one deal. THAT number is insane for a mobile app. The feedback has been that users are saving such a ridiculous amount of money dining out that it was completely worth $9/month. In fact, a large portion of our customer base came from referrals. Furthermore, we’ve been growing rather quickly (19% week-over-week growth).

So, then you might be asking yourself, “Then why make the app free for 4 months if the business is doing so well as a paid app?” There are two reasons:

First, we always want to over deliver in the way we give back to our home (being SLO). So, this giveaway is part of our first year launch!

Second, we’re on a mission to make SLOeats a household name by the end of the year and if we consider that 98% of our customers who redeem just one deal never cancel, well then let’s remove all friction right now. So, users no longer need to pay, no longer need to enter a credit card, and there’s no special limit on deals. SLOeats becomes 100% free so that we can get it in the hands of as many people as possible.

Then, if our prediction is correct, we’ll have thousands of people using SLOeats and saving roughly $130 per month on average. Then, on October 1st, most customers will have no problem paying $9/month to save that much money each month. If that occurs, we will have accomplished one of the hardest parts in building a mobile app company–getting people to use your product often and reap incredible benefit from it.

The restaurant gets more dine-in and takeout customers and you save an average of $159 per month in restaurant food (for savings details see FAQ, "Is the Pro Pass worth it?"). The only one "losing out" in this membership are big food delivery companies. #supportlocal

The Restaurant's Problem
Currently, restaurants are paying A LOT (~30% commission) for delivery services, which, for most, is the majority of their food delivery profit. They want a solution where they can keep 100% of profit by acquiring more dine-in and takeout customers.

The SLOeats Solution
What we (the SLOeats team) roughly say to the restaurant:

"Our goal is to bring you new customers and increase the frequency of existing ones. Additionally, we will NOT charge you. In return, we want an exceptional deal in the form of 'Buy One, Get One Free' or 'Spend $10, Get A Free (Dish)' and we’d like this deal to be redeemable every single day."

The Restaurant's Benefit
The restaurants agree because there's nearly 0 risk to them. We don't charge them. They keep 100% of profit, they receive a huge amount of marketing for free, and they only "pay" in the form of providing a deal *if* SLOeats succeeds in bringing them customers. That distinction is important because it is very rare in marketing to only pay if the marketing succeeds.

Wouldn't they lose money on the deal?
No. We curate every deal with the restaurant to make sure they are making money on each transaction. The deal must be high margin, quick to make, attractive to the customer, etc.


These are not one-time coupons like you might see on refrigerator magnets, coupon books, in the newspaper, etc. SLOeats is the first restaurant membership app. With the SLOeats app, you’re an exclusive member to each partnered restaurant and in return you receive exclusive deals that you can redeem every single day!

Currently it costs about ~$33 plus tip to order two burritos from Breakfast Buzz through DoorDash. However, if you dine at the restaurant or get takeout using the SLOeats app, it only costs ~$13! That's a $20 savings by going to the restaurant with the SLOeats app versus using delivery.

Rare (dine out 1x per week)
+$64 monthly savings

Medium (dine out 3x per week)
(average user)
+$192 monthly savings

Well Done (dine out 5x per week)
+$320 monthly savings

*calculations are based on $16 savings/deal

Ready To Save?

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