What is SLOeats?

What is SLOeats

SLOeats is introducing a new concept in restaurant marketing where the restaurant doesn't pay for the marketing, the customer does.


We charge customers $9.00 per month for exclusive deals only found on our app. We allow restaurants to feature an exclusive deal that will both provide the end customer with an exceptional deal while also getting that customer to dine in thereby giving the restaurant the opportunity for even more revenue.

Why You Should Care

  1. No Fees. Restaurants do not pay any fees or commission. We charge customers a $9/month membership fee to claim exclusive deals.
  2. It's Easy. All your restaurant details (including your entire menu) is uploaded by the SLOeats team. The only thing we need from you is a deal (criteria is listed below).
  3. More Customers. 77% of customers use deals to decide where to out and 25% of millennials spend more than 4 hours/week searching for deals. We're bringing those customers to you.
  4. Customers Spend 24% More. Deal users spend 24% more than non deal users.
  5. Live Data Tracking.You'll receive live data on your customers so you can track new customers, frequency, bill size, party size, etc.

How It Works For Your Customers

  1. 0:17 Discover Restaurants
  2. 0:31 Claim A Deal
  3. 1:46 Filtering Types
  4. 2:12 Pro Pass Signup
  5. 2:47 Deal History
  6. 3:12 Referrals Program
  7. 4:04 Questions? Contact Me

How It Works For You

Step 1: Determine Your Deal

Provide an exclusive deal with these 4 criteria:

Step 2: Receive These Benefits

(track your success live and on a monthly basis)

  1. Increased revenue by increasing your dine in customers, retention, ROI, and brand awareness.
  2. Live customer data is provided so you can know the success of your partnership with SLOeats as well as new insights into your customers.
  3. Monthly reporting will be sent via email.

Competition? None.

There is no direct competition in this space yet.

Food delivery apps

Indirect: Food delivery apps

Food delivery apps aren't focused on dine in customers; they are pay-to-play for discoverability and are pushing the market towards ghost kitchens.

Coupon apps

Indirect: Deal apps (i.e. Groupon)

Groupon had the right idea with using deals or coupons to incentivize users, but because they were not vertical specific, they failed at changing user behavior. Users don't use Groupon to decide on what activity they want to do that day or week. Instead, users use Groupon for gifting, which brings customers who usually didn't intend to spend money on that business.

SLOeats is unique because it's vertical specific–restaurants. Our goal is to be the hub for user's dining decisions.

Meet The Founders

SLOeats CEO, Co-Founder of the SLOeats app, which offers the best restaurant deals in San Luis Obispo

Jonathan Allen

CEO, Co-Founder
SLOeats CTO, Co-Founder of the SLOeats app, which offers the best restaurant deals in San Luis Obispo

Alex Kavanaugh

CTO, Co-Founder

Why we're building SLOeats

We're Cal Poly Grads in Architecture and Software Engineering and fortunate enough to be SLO residents for more than a decade! After graduation we've spent our time building separate software companies, but in the same office complex.


This lead to many lunches together, starting with the question, "Where should we eat?". Which was shortly followed by, "Well, who has a deal going on?". The problem was we didn't have a way of knowing the best restaurant deals in San Luis Obispo, or for that matter, who even offered a deal.


After digging into the restaurant business a little further, we discovered how expensive marketing was for restaurants and the high (30%) commission prices the restaurants had to pay to food delivery apps. This meant SLOeats would benefit the restaurants' dine-in business with more customers and more money kept in the restaurants' pocket, while allowing the customer to simultaneously save money through exclusive deals.


We love San Luis Obispo and our mission is to only make this community better by bringing more awareness, foot traffic, and ROI to restaurants and more savings and discovery to customers.


A little about us...

If you're a tourist, you'll know us by how we over excitedly share about all the great things you HAVE to do while you're here. And if you're our colleague, then you'll know how passionate we are about building a business for the customer and the goal of making SLO an even better place.


And if you don't know us at all, then it's great to meet you! You can find us working out at The Pad or the Rec (best alumni perk), pickle ball at French Park, throwing dinner parties, snagging kettle corn from Farmer's Market, continuing to find new places to explore, and eating at many of the great restaurants in San Luis Obispo! If you see us, please stop and say hi!

You Ready?

Click "Get Started" to enter your details at the top of the page and our team will email you asap with next steps on becoming a SLOeats Pro Restaurant.

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